Know Us Better

  • Wise Institute makes research to contribute to the solution of the problems of Muslims and all humanity.
  • Creates solutions for Muslims, as a minority, for their religious, moral, sociological, and psychological problems that will help their integration into the communities they live in and support those who will work.
  • Prepares documents in Turkish and English that analyze current problems.
  • Finds answers to the religious and moral questions of Muslim societies.
  • Wise believes that: Current problems, inter-communal conflicts, mutual misunderstandings, and disagreements can only be resolved with the understanding that comes from knowledge and education. Therefore, Wise supports the work to be done for todays and future problems.
  • Wise develops projects for the religious education of children and families in societies where Muslims live as a minority. Conducts seminars and produces audio, video, and written resource studies according to needs.
  • We are living today. Nobody can change yesterday, but we may have a better and bright tomorrow/future. Would you like to contribute to making the future better?
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